SportCruiserThe NEW Sportcruiser is designed to be eminently flyable, enjoyable and particulary Sportcruiseraffordable. Featuring fantastic visibility, the all-metal, low wing, Low Maintenance Cruiser, is destined to become the No.1 selling light aircraft for 2007.

Designed by Pilot/designer, using all USA sourced components, built by the world renowned Czechs, at the CZAW factory. The slow stall speed is achieved by electrically operated slotted flaps, with the ailerons and elevator being push-rod operated for better control response. The main gear consists of two composite gear legs (tried & proven on the CH601XL), equipped with toe operated differential hydraulic brakes.

Competence and Convenience:

The pilot can be ready to fly in short order, and the airplane definitely is. Sporting fantastic Sportcruiservisibility, the all-metal, low-wing, 100hp SportCruiser is ready to take a large payload a long way, on just a little money. Burning around 4~4.5 gallons of auto gas per hour, the SportCruiser won’t break the budget; and with its American-designed, all-metal traditional construction and US-sourced materials and airframe components, keeping it flying (and insured!) will be trouble-free. All three SAW aircraft are designed to be easy to fly, with touchdown speeds in the high 20-knot range.

Cruising is effortless and quiet at 125 mph (201 km/h) with the smooth running Rotax 912 ULS sipping around 4,5 (17liters/hour). The variable pitch prop option imrpovesSportcruiser panel on the already impressive fuel consuption and cruise speed. With relaxed cruising and superb visibility, you can use the full 5 hours range to make those trips you always dreamed of




U.S. standard


Take-off ( grass )

360 ft

110 m

Take off ( 50″ object grass )

 918 ft

280 m

Climb rate

1200 fpm

6 m/s

Stall speed with flaps

 30 mph

 55 km/h

Stall speed w/o flaps

 33 mph

 61 km/h

Cruise speed ( 75% power – true airspeed )

 125 mph

 201 km/h

Never exceed speed ( VNE )

 150 mph

 243 km/h

Range ( 75% power, no reserve )

 745 nm

 1200 km

Endurance ( no reserve )

 6 hours

Landing ground roll ( grass )

 400 ft

 122 m



U.S. standard


Wing span

28,8 ft

8,78 m


21,3 ft

6,49 m

Wing area

141,6 sq.ft.


Wing loading

 9,3 lb/sf

45,6 kg/m²

Empty weight

 727,5 lb

330 kg

Gross weight

1320 kg

600 kg

Useful load

595,3 lb

270 kg

Cabin width

46,5 inch

118 cm

Fuel capacity


2×57 liters

Luggage space

10,6 cu.ft

 300 dm²

“G” limit load factor

 +4 / -2 G