Grady White

Grady White Catalog 2014

Grady White Catalog 2014

logo_gradywhiteWith a predilection to building the worlds best, since their 1959 inception, the world has appreciated the focus provided by Grady-White Boats.

A focus simply to build the safest, most reliable offshore boat, whilst providing their owners with uncompromising and unrivalled customer service

With a large range of Centre Consoles, Bow Riders, Walk A Round and Express styled boats, combined with an understanding of their Raymond Hunt SeaV2 hull design, an attention to detail common throughout the production process and the myriad of functional features included as standard, your choice is rarely – “Do I buy a Grady but rather, Which Grady do I buy”

Grady-White’s culture has generated from long term private ownership and has resulted in a customer driven reputation for lasting dependability. The company’s dedication to building only the best has never changed in their 50+ years of boat building and the company has and continues to be honoured with both Industry and Third Party awards for product excellence and industry leading customer satisfaction.

Grady-White is a strong advocate for fisheries conservation, education and waterway management. This community focus is promoted within their own walls as well with a variety of employee programs based entirely on their well being and social betterment – like being paid a bonus for reading a book.

There is no doubt the world has justifiably come to trust a boat when built by Grady-White.